How Ian Wright inspired Patosi to move mom from shack to mansion

“You could see the hunger in these guys; you could see all these guys need is a chance,” Wright said.

When Ayanda Patosi was young, he had an insatiable hunger to chase the oval-shaped ball in the dusty streets of Site C, Khayelitsha, Cape Town.

Naturally, every little boy in the township grows up kicking a soccer ball. The simple reason is that diski is the most common and accessible pastime, ekasi.

But in Patosi’s case, there was a mission behind it. His mother, Nombulelo Patosi, still pictures her seven-year-old boy hurriedly throwing his school bag on the bed and quickly dashing out to play football.

There was barely much to eat at home, but that wouldn’t matter much. All he wanted was get onto to the pitch and play a game he treasured so much.

She never understood how serious the passion was for a while until she witnessed two Isikhokelo Primary teachers lift him in the air after he had torn apart an opposition defence.

“Two teachers came to me and said your child plays football so well, and they lifted him after he helped the school team win,” she tells FARPost….Read More

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