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FARPost teams up with Safa

FARPost are set to join hands with the SA Football Association (Safa) and sports consultants Bosco Sports to chart a plan for football development in Northern Cape.

According to Safa vice-president Gladwin White, the primary objective of the partnership is to persuade corporate sponsors to invest in football development in Northern Cape with FARPost looking to host a tournament in the province.

“We’ve engaged Bosco Sports to seek resources using the (Safa) PEC’s strategic document from 2019 to lobby corporate South Africa to invest in football development. Today’s convention is the culmination of that idea discussed that far back,” said White, who is also the chairperson of the Northern Cape Football Development and Education Trust.

“We are likely to see some action on that front this year. So, something is definitely unfolding. We are taking up the slack which had been imposed on us by Covid-19,” he concluded.

Safa and FARPost have agreed to host a youth development tournament in the province as soon as the logistics are finalised.

FARPost director and editor Tiyani Mabasa said the idea is not necessarily bound to one province, but all nine of them as South Africa is gifted with talent. The publication is eager to contribute to the growth of football in the country.

“We’ve decided to put the spotlight on the Northern Cape as a whole. It (the province) has proven that it has talent. We want to contribute to the growth of football in all provinces. We felt that the Northern Cape’s cause is worth being promoted,” said Mabasa.

“Since we originate in Limpopo, we have done a lot over there. We want the same for the Northern Cape. As a sponsor, there are a lot of things that go into a tournament. FarPost is going to come in with its own investment.

“We are not in this venture for financial gain but more as a way to help the province move forward. As such, we have yet to put a round figure to what we bring to the province.

“We’ve spoken to the Safa Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) and enquired from them as to what their needs are. We will put on offer our contribution to kickstart the process of youth football development in the province. Our engagement will be an ongoing thing. The province has proven in the past that it has produced players, but it needs a helping hand.”

Meanwhile, FARPost National selector and programme coordinator for the intended tournament, Walter Steenbok, explained that his role with the Safa project is to select teams that will represent the province.

“My duties also extend to dealing with technical reports of the tournament. We are here to give the players an accelerated programme and share our experiences via small seminars and workshops. I also deal with a lot of developing technical reports and such,” he said.

“For far too long, the Northern Cape has lagged behind others. At the weekend, for instance, the province had two players in the CAF Champions league when Rivaldo Coetzee and Bradley Ralani appeared for Sundowns against Al Ahly.

“This shows that if we put human and technical resources behind our players, they can achieve a lot. That is why we are here to get them involved in an accelerated programme.’’

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