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“It’s a one man show”: Ria Ledwaba slams SAFA president

South African Football Association vice-president Ria Ledwaba says Danny Jordaan’s time as the association president in now overdue. This comes after Jordaan won the much-anticipated SAFA elections on Saturday to retain presidency for his third term at the office.

Speaking to journalists after the loss, Ledwaba slammed the president for turning the association into a ‘one-man’ show.

“I don’t think he [Danny Jordaan] is good for our football, I believe he has done his part all these years he has been in football. I think you cannot have a football where it’s a one-man show, that’s the truth, they can say whatever they say, but the bottom line is that’s how he rules at the association,” said Ledwaba as per SABC Sports.

“If you look at the delegates, they are chosen by their regions, regions choose their leaders to be voted, but then you come to the congress and you are asked to withdraw your name.”

“On what mandate do you withdraw your name at the congress when you’ve been voted out there by the region out there. I believe that when people are nominated they must come to the congress and the congress must decide like they decided.”

Jordaan had the most votes receiving 186 votes whilst Ledwaba and Solly Mothlbeng had 27 and eight votes respectively.

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