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Mntambo gives back to the community on his birthday

Orlando Pirates midfielder Linda Mntambo celebrated his 33rd birthday in style after visiting a high school close to his home to give back to learners.

The talented midfielder spent the day with kids, shared his experiences and motivated them in many ways, and spread a message on the importance of education and sports.

“I got more schools that I will be going especially where I come from, eZimhlophe. This is the closest high school from home, I didn’t attend school here at eMadwaleni, but my siblings did attend. I only did my extra classes.” Mntambo told FARPost.

“I’m here to give back to the community. I decided to spend the day sharing myself with the community. The only way I can thank God is to give back the give he’s given me. Previously when I celebrated my birthday, I raised R80 000 to buy blankets for an orphanage. I do community work, and I give back to the community anywhere possible.”

“When I started Linda Mntambo Foundation, I didn’t have a plan. All I wanted to do was create memories through it. I told myself it would be easier to reach out to a greater number, unlike what I do helping families out in my community.”

Pictures courtesy of the Linda Mntambo Foundation

The 33-year-old revealed the sponsors that made sure everything was successful and went according to plan.

“I knew we could attract big brands to assist us in inspiring kids like today at eMadwaleni thanks to Adidas and Orlando Pirates FC with the help they gave me to make sure today is a success. I got Adidas sneakers to give to the kids, soccer balls to give to the schools and framed jerseys. We also got a sponsor from Oppo [Orlando Pirates sponsor] to give phones to top learners to motivate and reward them to keep doing the good work. We didn’t give everybody, but I feel we’ll get more students who pay attention and want to be top learners after today.”

The former Chippa United star also revealed to FARPost how he helps youngsters who want to make playing football a career.

“I have soccer tournaments that I host every year to give young kids from the hood a chance to showcase their talent. For example, a young boy at Kaizer Chiefs signed from Snake Park [Mfundo Vilakazi]. He was a player of the tournament in our past tournament. Seeing him there, not because we gave him the platform, maybe he was already good, but to see boys coming from developmental ranks and get an opportunity, it’s nice,” he concluded.

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