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REVEALED: Why Mere left Swallows

An official from Swallows has brought to light the actual reasons why veteran defender Vuyo Mere parted ways with the club.

Most recently, Mere bid an emotional farewell to Swallows, stating: “It’s sad to leave the team I gave my heart to in this manner, but that’s life. Nobody owes you anything in life. I wish the team everything of the best and thank God for the opportunity to don the famous maroon and white.”

The experienced campaigner was set to resume training with the Birds after his disciplinary matter was concluded with the club two weeks ago but in a remarkable U-turn, Mere asked for his clearance and got it. He has since joined another DStv Premiership side, TS Galaxy.

“At the beginning of the season, there was a handbook that the players had to sign. Vuyo was not happy, and he did not agree with some of the stipulations,” said the highly ranked Swallows official as quoted by Sunday World.

“And he [Mere] then encouraged other players not to sign the document. He was then called to a disciplinary hearing. The DC found him guilty, and he appealed.”

Meanwhile, Swallows club spokesperson Sipho Xulu added that Mere did not agree with certain things in the club’s handbook.

“The club felt that he was influencing players otherwise and as a result, he was destabilizing the team. A decision was taken to terminate his contract and he appealed,” said Xulu.

“Whilst the club was considering his appeal, he changed his mind and requested his clearance from the club and that’s how he left and joined TS Galaxy.”

Mere was phoned by this publication to share his side of the story but his phone rang unanswered on Saturday.

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