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Rest easy, Katang Masemola: The colossal protector of the Chiefs army

The Giant is no more! The Gentle Giant of Security has rested. The Colossal Protector of the Chiefs army has vanquished. The Colossal Humane of humanity has departed.

Sorrow cannot hide its impending moment when one of our own leaves this earthly domain. Katang Masemola has entrenched all those who knew him in despair. A humble soul, Masemola never liked the misery that has befallen us today. Perhaps, grief was meant for others, but not those associated with Masemola. Today we are soaked in sorrow. Today we are drenched in sorrow. Today sadness is within our midst. Today sorrow has visited us in an unfamiliar route, best known by the creator.

Katang was a people’s person. Shy and reserved. He embodied the fundamental characteristics of a football soldier tasked with the honour of protecting only the elite. Tasked to look after the security of the Kaizer Chiefs’ investment – from players, officials and facilities. Without a blink of an eye, he performed this role with distinction. 

He guarded the team magnificently. He was the first to wake up. He was the last to sleep. He arrived first at the airport. He checked in last at the airport. He ensured that everyone within the Chiefs’ entourage was safe and secure. He loved his job and never complained. Together with Gerald ‘Tso’ Sibeko, they made the team’s travels smooth and enjoyable.

He solidly engaged with different people, fans and supporters. He offered his services to all without fail. He led from the front and never waved in his assignment. He calmed the storm in tricky situations at the stadium without making noise. He knew when to lead from behind when the situation demanded. He played for the team and often sacrificed his ability. Still, he contributed from both fronts tactfully, befitting his stature.

To me, he was a brother. A friend and a close confidante. He read my mind and understood my direction. He shared his last money with me. He shared his precious time regardless of the time. We travelled together. We ate together. We gossiped together. We made plans together. We continue to have goals beyond his departure.

As I got the news of his passing on Saturday the 9th, I shivered and became numb. I parked next to the road and sobbed relentlessly. I continued to shake and fight with my feelings. I question God’s timing. I asked the Almighty why he picked Katang now. 

I soon realised that God had played his cards. That God’s selection policy cannot be questioned. That God has chosen Masemola for more significant battles in heaven. That Masemola joins the list of only the best selected by God. That Katang has been chosen to play in God’s Champions League, and his selection is final.

To Bobby Motaung, I know how much you valued him. I know how much you trusted him. I know how much you loved him. Yet, in your deep sorrow, allow him to go. He knows you are hurting and will send God’s spirit to heal your wounds.

To Hanifa Madina, ‘Tso’ Sibeko and the Chiefs family allow him to go. In his memory, continue to uphold the values of ‘Ubuntu’ and ‘Love and Peace’. On his behalf, double your efforts to keep a smile on the faces of the multitudes of the Amakhosi faithful by delivering on and off the field.

Thanks to all his family, including his children, for this beautiful gift – Katang Masemola. He was a soldier of the nation. He was a special member of the Chiefs security brigade. He was a protector of families. Please invite God’s mercy to reign supreme and divine in this period. 

Robala ka Kagisho!!!!!

Robala ka Kgotso!!!!!

Katang ‘Katangero’ Masemola 

By Walter Steenbok (Brother, Friend and Colleague)

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