Roger Feutmba: The General who commanded with his left foot

“He walked up to Doctor Khumalo while we were in the tunnel and said ‘my friend, today there’s no Doctor Khumalo, it’s Roger Feutmba'”

You just didn’t have to watch him over and over to know he was a class above the rest. Just a glimpse of his cultured left foot at work was enough to convince you Roger Feutmba was in a league of his own.

Natasha Tsichlas, the Iron Lady of local football, does not throw around praise willy nilly. But when it comes to Feutmba’s left foot, she waxes poetic. Unstoppably and understandably so.

The praise is not without merit. Feutmba’s educated left foot was a thing of rare beauty. For those that supported Downs, it was a joy to watch as he carved open opposition teams, creating chance after chance. For rival fans, on the other hand, watching as that merciless left foot butchered tried and tested defensive formations brought on fear and admiration in equal measure. 

Watching that left foot destroy your team was a thing of terrifying beauty. 

As the man conducting the symphony at the heart of Sundowns’ midfield, the former Cameroon international was swiftly christened ‘The General’…. Read More

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