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George Maluleka shares odd opinion on PSL referees

AmaZulu FC midfielder George Maluleka has shared his rather odd opinion on PSL referees, who have come in for fierce criticism because of continuous poor officiating.

From the coaches to the fans, poor refereeing has been one of the main subjects in the DStv Premiership of late.

Among the coaches who have cried out loud recently include Romain Folz, Kwanele Kopo, and Eric Tinkler.

However, Maluleka says he sympathises with the officials for always being in the hot seat. He insisted that they’re doing well even though they do make blunders.


“Everyone makes mistakes guys and we have great officials in our country,” Maluleka told the journalists on Wednesday.

“I want to commend them on the great job that they have done and that they are doing as well.

“We are all human and we all make mistakes. No one is gonna be perfect, so I can’t really comment on [poor] officiating, we all make mistakes.

“It’s just one of those things but they are doing a great job.”

George Maluleka and Keagan Buchanan in training at AmaZulu
George Maluleka at training with AmaZulu. Picture by AmaZulu

The 34-year-old midfielder says, at times, teams need to shoulder the blame for losing games rather than making referees the scapegoats.

“Even your teammate can make a mistake as a last man [at the back] and he loses the ball to the opponents and it results in a goal,” he added.

“It’s the same as when the referee makes a mistake and he costs you a game. It’s a mistake! We can’t really blame everyone or look for excuses.

“Sometimes it’s also up to us, we get chances and we don’t take them. 

“So, we need to at ourselves as well, we need to take responsibility. You can’t always blame the refs. They make mistakes and they’re costly, yes but you can’t always point fingers at them.”

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