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Ria Ledwaba calls for FIFA’s intervention at SAFA

Former vice president Ria Ledwaba has made a plea to FIFA to ‘normalise’ what she says is mismanagement at SAFA and insists that she will never be silenced.

Ledwaba addressed the media in Johannesburg on Wednesday following her ban by the SA Football Association.

But it turns out SAFA made a U-turn on Tuesday withdrawing their decision. The football administrator was supported by football legends, friends and disgruntled former SAFA officials.


“I am calling on FIFA, I saw CAF wrote a letter, but I am calling on FIFA. I am saying to FIFA, you have done it in many federations where there is non-governance,” said Ledwaba.

“That’s where FIFA comes in, where there is mismanagement of funds, where there is no governance in a federation. They come and establish what they call normalization.

“Meaning they normalize the federation and the federation must have checks and balances. They have done it to many federations in the world so I am calling upon them to do exactly that and let’s save our football,” she said.

Ledwaba insists no one at SAFA will silence her whether the ban remains or not.

“There is nothing that will stop me. Whether I am not a member as they say,” she added.

Ria Ledwaba makes a plea for FIFA's intervention at SAFA
Former SAFA vice president Ria Ledwaba 


“You become a member of SAFA for eight years, become a vice president of the organization [but] after the election you are no longer a member. There is something wrong with our constitution.

“Unless this person wants to remain a life president while he doesn’t want other people to be there. But I will not be silenced, I am going to stand up because I am not standing up for Ria Ledwaba. I am standing up for football.”

“I am saying to SAFA wherever they are, you will not be able to silence me. The issues that are raised will also remain a thorn for the organization.”

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