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‘Management failed us’: Ex-Chiefs defender on Limpopo club exit

Former Kaizer Chiefs defender Mokete Tsotetsi has shed light on his abrupt departure from a Limpopo club, just weeks after his appointment as head coach.

In September 2023, Mokete Tsotetsi and Punch Masenamela secured new coaching roles at SAFA Limpopo ABC Motsepe League side The Dolphins.

Tsotsetsi was appointed as the head coach of the Limpopo ambitious SA third-tier outfit, whereas Masenamela, who is also an ex-Chiefs defender was roped in as the assistant.

The duo have been involved in the lower leagues since they retired from professional football.

Tsotetsi was tasked with promoting The Dolphins to the Motsepe Foundation Championship, as he has done before with Maccabi FC.


Coach Tsotetsi has since revealed to this publication why they left The Dolphins just a few weeks after their club appointments.

“It didn’t work well because I’m one person if the team knows what they want, they will let the coach do its job,” Tsotetsi told FARPost.

Former Kaizer Chiefs defender Mokete Tsotetsi.
Former Kaizer Chiefs defender Mokete Tsotetsi

“I can’t stay in an environment that will be toxic for me to produce results and do my best as a coach. So, I decided to call it quits and go our separate ways.

“To be honest, the management failed us. I just can’t run around the bush. So, for us, we decided that we would rather go.”

Tsotsetsi continued: “The management was not sure of what they wanted because I came with the changes, me and coach Punch. So, they were not ready for the changes.

“Therefore, I couldn’t stay in an environment that’s toxic and ready for the changes, whereas at the end of the day, they will be demanding results.”

The Dolphins failed to reach the ABC Motsepe League national playoffs last campaign, as they lost to Mpheni Home Defenders.

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