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Miguel Gamondi’s ambitious vision for Yanga SC after title triumph

Miguel Gamondi, the mastermind behind Yanga SC’s recent league title triumph in Tanzania, is not one to rest on his laurels!

With three games to go before the curtain comes down on the 2023/24 Tanzania Premier League season, Young Africans wrapped up the league title. It’s their 30th league title in the history of the club, and it was confirmed after a 3-1 win over Mtibwa Sugar away from home. The win took their tally to 71 points, beyond the reach of Azam FC and bitter rivals Simba SC.

In the wake of their triumph, Gamondi, who joined the club at the start of the season, has set his sights on an even grander goal. The Argentinian wants to establish Yanga as one of the top five teams on the African continent.

This ambition goes beyond mere on-field success. Gamondi envisions a holistic transformation of the club, encompassing an increased fan base and enhanced professionalism. He seeks to elevate Timu ya Wananchi to a level where it can compete with the continent’s giants, both in terms of results and overall stature.

Gamondi’s vision aligns with that of Yanga’s president, Hersi Ally Said, who shares the aspiration of propelling the Jangwani giants to new heights. This shared ambition has fostered a strong partnership between the coach and the president, laying the foundation for the club’s future growth.

“The goal we discussed with the President of Young Africans [Hersi Ally Said] was to put Yanga in the top five teams on the continent,” Gamondi told FARPost. “But not only on the pitch. Yanga must grow in numbers, the structure of the club, on a professional side to improve. But the goal is to be strong – not just about results – but try compete with the biggest teams on the continent.”


Yanga’s third successive league title serves as a springboard for Gamondi’s ambitious plans. It has not only solidified Yanga’s domestic dominance but also showcased their potential on a larger stage. Gamondi’s emphasis on growth and development indicates a long-term vision for the club, one that transcends immediate success.

Miguel Gamondi's ambitious vision for Yanga after title win
League champions Yanga SC

The journey towards becoming a top-five team in Africa will undoubtedly be challenging. However, with Gamondi’s tactical acumen, leadership, and unwavering ambition, Yanga, who reached the quarterfinals of the CAF Champions League this season, is well-positioned to make significant strides towards achieving this lofty goal.

A league title winner with Mamelodi Sundowns in 2007, ‘Master Gamondi’ expressed his elation and pride in his team’s achievement. While acknowledging the significance of the championship, Gamondi emphasised that the team’s style of play and embodiment of his football philosophy throughout the season brought him the most satisfaction.

“They displayed a fantastic [brand of football],” Gamondi remarked, highlighting the players’ ability to absorb and execute his tactical vision on the pitch. For the coach, witnessing his team translate his message into action is the ultimate reward.

He underscored the importance of entertaining the fans. “I always say, for me, football is a show, we need to entertain the football fan,” Gamondi told FARPost in a telephonic interview. He emphasised that results are not the sole objective; the manner in which those results are achieved holds greater significance.


The team’s prolific attacking record, with over 100 goals scored in all competitions, is a testament to Gamondi’s commitment to offensive football. However, he acknowledged the need for adaptability, citing instances where a more pragmatic approach was necessary, particularly against formidable opponents like Al Ahly and Sundowns in the Africa Safari.

Gamondi also shed light on the challenges faced by the team after losing star striker Fiston Mayele to Egypt’s Pyramids. Recognising the budgetary constraints, he focused on reinventing the team’s attacking strategy. Through the club’s astute scouting and tactical adjustments, Gamondi successfully integrated new players and redefined the roles of existing ones, leading to a seamless transition and continued offensive dominance.

Three of Yanga’s signings ahead of the 2023/24 season – Pacome Zouazoua, Maxi Nzengeli, Kouassi Yao Attohoula and Joseph Guede Gnadou – have been key for the club this season.

The coach’s emphasis on training intensity and the players’ unwavering belief in themselves were identified as key factors in the team’s success. He praised the players’ dedication and work ethic.

Miguel Gamondi’s reflections on Young Africans’ league title victory paint a picture of a coach who values not only results but also the process, style and spirit with which those results are achieved.

His emphasis on entertaining the fans, adapting to different situations, and fostering a strong team culture has undoubtedly played a crucial role in the team’s triumph. As Young Africans bask in the glory of their achievement, Gamondi’s words serve as a reminder that true success encompasses more than just lifting trophies.

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