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How much a football star could be fined for betting

After a video of Orlando Pirates players discussing betting went viral, a key question has emerged: How much could a football star be fined for gambling? FARPost looks at FIFA’s Code of Ethics, outlining the consequences of players’ involvement in betting.

A social media firestorm erupted this week after a video emerged online showing Pirates goalkeeper Sipho Chaine in a conversation with his teammates, hinting at a possible bet on a match.

The footage, seemingly captured within the Pirates’ dressing room, has sparked an internal investigation by the club to determine if any players are involved in betting activities. The video features Chaine alongside several other Pirates personnel, but none are identifiable besides him. The source of the recording remains unknown.

In the clip, an unidentified voice can be heard saying, “Sipho, I want you to bet now.” Chaine responded by saying, “12 May, half past five, Old Trafford, straight win R600.” The goalie also mentioned placing bets on just two teams, one of which was the highly-anticipated English Premier League clash between Manchester United and Arsenal this past Sunday.

Orlando Pirates players, including Sipho Chaine, discussing betting

Despite launching an internal investigation and acknowledging the seriousness of potential betting violations, Pirates downplayed the video’s content, claiming it was a lighthearted exchange “among teammates purporting to have placed a bet on an English Premiership match.”

However, FIFA maintains a strict stance on player betting, with potential consequences for those caught, including a hefty fine of approximately R2 million and a ban of up to three years.

Players Beware: FIFA Code of Ethics Prohibits Betting on Football

“Those bound by the FIFA Code of Ethics, namely all officials, referees, players as well as match agents and intermediaries, are subject to the Code as follows:

  • “They are forbidden from participating in, either directly or indirectly, betting, gambling, lotteries or similar events or transactions related to football matches or competitions and/or any related football activities;
  • “They shall not have any interests, either directly or indirectly (through or in conjunction with third parties), in entities, companies, organisations, etc. that promote, broker, arrange or conduct betting, gambling, lotteries or similar events or transactions connected with football matches and competitions;
  • “Interests” include gaining any possible advantage for the persons bound by the Code themselves and/or related parties.
Sipho Chaine of Orlando Pirates during a game.
Sipho Chaine/Orlando Pirates


While the PSL lacks its own dedicated regulations on player betting, they’ve assured FARPost that they fully adhere to FIFA’s established rules in this area.

According to Art. 26 of the FIFA Code of Ethics, the following conduct can be subject to an integrity investigation, which can lead to a fine of at least CHF 100,000 [R2 million] and a ban on taking part in any football-related activity for a maximum of three years:

DIRECT INVOLVEMENT – Example: a football player/referee/official places a bet on any football match

INDIRECT INVOLVEMENT – Examples: A third party places a bet under his/her name on a football match with the money of someone involved in football, and the person involved in football receives the proceeds.

A third party places a bet under his/her name with his/her own money on a football match together with someone involved in football, and they share the proceeds.

Someone involved in football shares inside information, which is information that only that person has due to his/her position in the game and which is not available to the public, with a third party. The third party places a bet on this football match based on the information received.

Just last year, Brentford FC striker Ivan Toney faced an eight-month ban from football for violating the FA’s betting rules. He accepted responsibility for his actions and was fined £50,000 [around R1 million].

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