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Heads to roll at Limpopo ABC Motsepe League

Limpopo ABC Motsepe League board Chairperson Mighty Tjale insists the shenanigans embodying the League week in and week out will be dealt with in due course.

In a communique released on Tuesday afternoon, Tjale refuted claims made by some club officials that he is responsible for the ‘mess’ in the league.

The province is no stranger to controversy. Just this past weekend a match was abandoned after a player was allegedly threatened with a knife.

“In my capacity as the board Chairperson, I acknowledge and confirm the emails addressed to me of the complaints about the allegations of continuous penalties awarded in favour of the top teams of Stream A (Mpheni Home Defenders) and Stream B (Magesi FC),” said Tjale.

“I promise I will get to the bottom of the matter, but throwing accusations at me without factual basis by the writer Mr Eric Lehong (The Dolphins FC) is very disturbing and unfortunate.

“But be that as it may, I accept responsibility for all this nonsense happening in our league and I promise to deal with them head-on. As a leader one cannot avoid the backlash when things do not go well but let them be factual,” he said.

“I promise heads are going to roll. Our football is not going to return to the era of when the same Mr Eric Lehong was still officiating, that was the devil’s place by then and I personally won’t allow that to happen again.”

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