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Police arrest man for hacking Neymar banks accounts

Brazilian police confirmed the arrest of a man they believe hacked into Neymar’s bank accounts and repeatedly stole sums of money amounting to more than $40,000 (R 600 000).

Police said the alleged hacker worked at an unnamed bank where the Paris Saint-Germain forward and his business manager father had accounts.

They arrested the 20-year-old on Wednesday for defrauding bank clients.

Although the police did not name the player in the statement, the officer in charge of the case said it was Neymar and explained to Brazilian TV show Brasil Urgente how the alleged theft occurred.

“What did this lad do?” Fabio Pinheiro Lopes said.

“He got the password of his office colleague and stole small amounts of money from famous people with high net worth.

“These people didn’t notice. He made [a transfer] of 10,000 reais [$1,912.59], then another of 10,000, then 20,000, and then 50,0000 and the total came to 200,000.”

Lopes said the account affected was Neymar’s and that his father likely controlled the funds.

“When they discovered, they called the bank. The bank reimbursed the victim and investigated who was behind it,” he said.

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