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Doctor Khumalo: The doctor who gave adoring fans entertaining prescriptions

Tebogo Moloi remembers with fondness the Wednesday afternoons back in the 1980s in Soweto. This was during the days of apartheid, with the leaders in the fight against black oppression in South Africa either in exile or locked up.

The hour is darkest before dawn, the popular saying goes, but in those days, with Mandela rotting away in prison and Chris Hani hunted by apartheid assassination squads even beyond his homeland’s borders, there did not seem to be any light at the end of that bleak tunnel.

In Dube, Soweto, however, Wednesday afternoons were totally different. The midweek afternoons were that rare ray of light amidst the darkness, that glimmer of hope that brightened the lives of people living under the shadow of apartheid’s crushing boot. Read More…

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